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Lockheed Lounge de NEWSON: L'introuvable miniature
Sydney-born designer Marc Newson, one of the most accomplished and innovative designers of recent times, gained immediate worldwide attention following the creation of the Lockheed Lounge, which he produced in 1985 in a limited edition of 10. Newson made the Lounge himself in '' a couple of miserable months '' of hammering hundreds of aluminium panels onto a home-made fibreglass mould. The 22-year-old futurist exhibited the Lockheed Lounge at a Sydney gallery in 1986, shortly after graduating from Sydney College of Arts. Named after the American aircraft manufacturer, the chairs body is covered with non-overlapping aluminum sheets joined with blind rivets, giving the impression of an airplane body. miniature Lockheed Lounge The Lockheed Lounge soon secured a revered place in popular culture when Madonna used it in her 1993 Rain music video. In May 2009 a Lockheed Lounge chair sold in London for £1.1 million ($1.6 million), an auction record for a piece of contemporary design art. Designed by Marc Newson in 1985 and manufactured by Pod, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1986-1988. Materials include aluminium over fibreglass, polyester resin, polyurethane and rubber and 1,800 rivets! Rain - Madonna on the Lockheed Lounge In 2004 Vitra added the 1:6 version of the Lockheed Lounge to the Miniatures Collection in a limited edition of 500. It was the 106th miniature to be added to the Collection. The miniature is made with sheet metal and shows the detail of those 1800 rivets. Vitra article number: 20 2556 01 Dimensions: L/H/W: 280mm/148mm/106mm.
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